Top 3 Health Goals You Should Have On Your List For 2023

Top 3 Health Goals You Should Have On Your List For 2023

2023 is here, and now is a great time to create health goals for the new year. It’s common for people to put things like losing weight, getting organized, and exercising more on their resolution list. And while those are worthy goals, they may set people up for failure. If someone starts exercising regularly but doesn’t lose weight quickly enough, they may get discouraged. There are other health goals you can put on your list to set yourself up for success and results. What are the top three health goals you should add to your list for 2023?

2023 Health Goals – Optimize Your Diet

Eating a variety of healthy foods should be on everyone’s health goal list. Simply put–increasing the amount of high-quality meat, vegetables, and fruits is essential. Some people choose to fast in order to do an in-depth cleanse of their bodies. There are many forms of fasting that can be adapted to your wants and needs. 

When you fast, your body gets a break from digesting food and can work on detoxifying. This can be an excellent way to lose a little bit of weight and start anew. When you break your fast, it’s important to slowly return to a regular diet. Consuming juices is a good way to break a fast. As you start eating normally again, it’s a good idea to make healthy meats, fruits, and vegetables the majority of your diet. Adding whole grains, if you tolerate them well, is also an excellent way to add more fiber to your diet. Choosing organic meat, vegetables, and fruits is a great way to limit pesticide exposure and avoid genetically modified foods. 

2023 Health Goals – Get Better Sleep

Many people don’t realize just how important getting good quality sleep and rest is. The body needs adequate sleep to function properly, and if you don’t get enough sleep, it can be similar to functioning as though you’ve been drinking alcohol. Most people need a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night, and it’s also essential that the body and brain process through the various stages of sleep. While you are sleeping, your body and brain work on detoxifying and repairing. Getting adequate sleep helps to improve your mood, brain performance, and health. When you don’t get sufficient sleep regularly, you’re at increased risk for health issues like stroke, heart disease, dementia, and obesity. 

2023 Health Goals – Exercise More

Instead of setting a goal strictly for weight loss, it can be better to make an increase in exercise your goal. This plan will set you up for success because it’s easier to reach a goal of exercising so many minutes per week versus losing so many pounds. If you’re optimizing your diet, getting better quality sleep, and exercising more, you’ll probably lose weight. Alternating forms of cardiovascular exercise, weight training, or high-intensity interval training can all be wonderful ways to exercise more and get your body in better shape. Choose whichever activities you enjoy because the best form of exercise is one that you’ll actually do. 

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