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Imagine having fewer sick days, avoiding chronic illness, and enjoying improved whole-body wellness — all without being a slave to prescription pills every day. Functional medicine at Today's Integrative Health in Rockville, Maryland can offer all of those things, and you'll have an experienced physician who really cares about your health and wellness. If you're interested in all-natural care from a compassionate and committed functional-medicine doctor, use online booking or call the office today.

Functional Medicine Q & A

What's functional medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on whole-body wellness, and it looks for the underlying causes of illness through a systems-driven approach. As your functional-medicine doctor, your Today's Integrative Health practitioner develops a long-term relationship with you.

Your functional-medicine doctor learns about your health history, your lifestyle habits, and your health and wellness goals so that you can tackle problems as a team. With functional medicine, you and your doctor are partners in your wellness, now and in the future.

What kinds of illness and injury can functional medicine help with?

For injuries, pain, and most common problems, like headaches, functional medicine can be an excellent solution. Your doctor at Today's Integrative Health prescribes the most natural yet powerful solutions available, including options like herbal medicine, IV therapy, and meridian therapy.

Functional medicine is also an excellent approach to preventive care. Your Today's Integrative Health provider can help you avoid hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and other severe and potentially life-threatening conditions.

If you're at risk for any kind of chronic illness based on the results of your testing, your doctor can prescribe natural treatments and lifestyle changes that allow you to stay healthy.

How does my functional-medicine doctor diagnose illness and identify potential problems?

Your functional-medicine care at Today's Integrative Health typically includes comprehensive blood tests, which allow your doctor to identify potential health problems before symptoms begin. You could also have other noninvasive tests to help your doctor identify illness and predict potential problems.

The functional-medicine approach focuses on what makes you unique, including your personal history, your individual physiology, your lifestyle habits, your social environment, and much more.

The traditional approach, the one that's still used by many general practitioners, only takes a few things into account, with a major focus being on family history. Your functional-medicine doctor at Today's Integrative Health understands that you're a complex individual and that you deserve treatment based on that.

If you're looking for more than just a doctor and want a true partner in whole-body wellness, functional medicine could be the right approach for you. Click now to schedule your visit online or call the office to arrange an appointment today.